Renewable Energies and Sustainability


We combine our expertise in translation and engineering along with our specialization in sustainability and renewal energy to provide you
with accurate translations from English into Latin American Spanish.

We deliver high­-quality language services from documents such as energy reports, feasibility studies
and health and environmental impact reports to resource assessments and guidelines.

Quality, consistency, and confidentiality frame each
of our linguistic projects.



Trained translator and language consultant
specializing in renewal energy and sustainability


  • Technical translation certificate in renewable energies and energy efficiency, Aula SIC, Barcelona, España (2016)
  • Master of Arts in Latin American & Spanish Literature, University of Maryland, USA (2013)
  • BA Magna Cum Laude in Spanish Language, Literatures, and Cultures with a minor in Education, University of Maryland, USA (2010)
  • BA in Translation and Consecutive Interpreting (EnglishSpanish) EATRI, Translator and Interpreter School, Santiago, Chile (2001)
  • Associate member of the American Translator Association (ATA), USA and Colegio de Traductores e Intérpretes de Chile, COTICH, Chile.
  • Recently attended the seminar, “Paris Agreement: Is it enough to limit dangerous climate change?” University of Leeds, Leeds, UK; and
  • conference“Raising Standards through Knowledge Sharing and Peer Training,” Mediterranean Editors and Translators (MET) Conference, Tarragona, Spain (2016)

“Lina’s dedication and ability to produce high quality work was invaluable to the success of our project. She grasps complex concepts quickly (e.g. our study included aspects of renewable energy policy, environmental regulations and supply chain) and produces accurate translations which read well.”
– Tom Wills, Aquatera Ltd., Environmental Services and Products, United Kingdom


Civil electronic engineer specializing
in renewable energy and sustainability


  • MSc in Sustainable Energy Systems, University of Leeds, United Kingdom. Thesis, “Energy Storage Systems in Future Electricity Grids with High Penetrations of Intermittent Solutions: A Case Study of Leeds, UK” (2016)
  • BS in Civil Electronic Engineering, Federico Santa María Technical University, Valparaíso, Chile. Thesis, “Design of a wireless monitoring System for Energy Assessment Locations for a Wave Energy Converter System” (2012)
  • Consultant Engineer, Ocean Engineering School, University of Valparaíso, Chile (2013­- 2014)
  • Research Engineer, Chilean Department of Public Work and Chilean National Institute of Hydraulics, Santiago, Chile. Award and successful development of competitive bidding, “Instrumental Research for Measuring Sea Waves” (2014)
  • Recently attended ICOE, International Conference on Ocean Energy,” RenewableUK, Edinburgh, UK (2016)

“Francisco is not only an excellent engineer, but he also has high moral character. He is extremely passionate about his research in sustainability technologies and wave energy, and he takes the initiative on working in different duties related to sustainable projects.”
– José Beya, Ocean Engineering School of University of Valparaíso, Chile


We are committed to adding value to your projects through accurate translations.

  • We have the proper credentials and understand technical terminology and abbreviations.

  • We have a native command of the target language (Spanish).

  • We have solid linguistic and cultural knowledge and command of the source language (English).

  • We work with integrity and uphold the industry quality standards in both translation and renewable energy.

  • We take confidentiality and privacy agreements very seriously. We understand their legal implications and protection of data and information.

  • We listen carefully to our clients’ instructions and expectations because we want to meet your needs and requirements, ensure a timely delivery, and produce a top-quality product.

  • We possess the translation tools and the necessary hardware and software equipment to manage, translate, and edit projects in different file formats and in a unified and efficient manner.

  • Each of our projects undergoes a quality assurance process before we deliver the final product to our clients. Consistency in style, terminology, and linguistic quality are thoroughly reviewed.

  • Our clients have the convenience to make payments through checks or direct deposit in the United States, Ecuador, and Chile, or via PayPal.

  • We offer competitive rates that are in line with other translation and writing services with similar quality standards.


Project evaluation ⇒ Project estimate is approved ⇒ Gathering of supporting material ⇒

Translation ⇒ Editing ⇒ Proofreading ⇒

Final review ⇒ Delivery ⇒

Satisfied Client